Quantum physics, law of attraction, and Buddhism!!


buddha-buddhism-statue-religion-46177.jpegQuantum physics and law of attraction: 

Quantum physics is the study of energy which is formed from an individual as all humans are made of  sub atomic particles, this in turn creates energy, this links to the law of attraction because an individuals energy or aura can be positive or negative and you attract similar things and experiences into your life as a result, this is scientific proof that the universe isn’t against any individualistic person the universe only responds to your mood.

why Buddhism?? 

I believe in buddhism because their is no proof for the existence of this earth or a supreme being so their is no point in trying to find that being.

Science talks about the big bang theory, although their is proof that the big bang exists after the big bang all matter and antimatter should have annihilated and only energy should have been left therefore life on earth shouldn’t have existed, according to a science their is a favouritism in the chivalry of the w and z bosons however their is no proof for this.

Their is also no proof of a supreme being, as their is no proof in either science or religion in my eyes I believe humans should concentrate on being peaceful people in general and try and eliminate their personal suffering through meditation, this helps calm the mind and helps with equanimity you dont react to every impulse so individuals dont dwell on things that you have no control over.